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This site is written by myself, Anthony Chipoletti. My pen name is Graviton Ring from my book title. External links may have quoted titles or short descriptions from their linked pages. ALL of the information which I have written here is ONLY my opinion. I cannot justify any of my beliefs, so if my ideas here offend or confuse anyone, it is probably because I am still confused about anything and everything :)

What I’m doing now | Anthony Chipoletti: my now page updated every day...

What I’m doing now | Derek Sivers and Anthony Chipoletti

What I’m doing now | Derek Sivers: Derek Sivers: What I’m doing now...

What I’m doing now | Anthony Chipoletti: my now page updated every day...

When I studied Industrial Sound and Vibration Analysis [TOTALLY SOBER AND BORING] I became convinced that the correct vibration could literally SHATTER every aspect of the physical reality, forever cremating the big bang ball into Planck's Constant sized dust forever. The shattering aftermath scenario is that every tiny aspect of existence has been set free to travel the multiverse at infinite speed, no longer bound to the big bang cosmos, which I believe destroyed our cosmic freedom, rather than created us. We ARE each a Planck sized piece of energy, complete with an infinite awareness aka consciousness.  Psychedelics are ALREADY built into DNA, just use your IMAGINATION !!

'...conceptualize science as.. finely honed tools designed to minimize mistakes, especially.. the ubiquitous propensity to seek out and selectively interpret evidence consistent with our hypotheses and to deny, dismiss, and distort evidence that does not..

My maternal ancestry has been centered around Florence, Italy for at least 17,000 years, see Tara clan at 

The clan of Tara
(Gaelic for rocky hill)
includes slightly fewer than 10% of modern Europeans. Its many branches are widely distributed throughout southern and western Europe with particularly high concentrations in Ireland and the west of Britain. Tara herself lived 17,000 years ago in the northwest of Italy among the hills of Tuscany and along the estuary of the river Arno.

Ancestry dot com showed this as a huge semicircle with Florence, Italy at the center, a radius going east from Estonia down to the south, however, not west of Florence in origin, only in progeny moving toward western Europe at a later time.

I can actually find traits in my parents that relate to their lives, addictions and skills! Near Florence is the city Siena where one of the first known horse races ever started.

'...The Palio horse race has its origins in the distant past, with historical records indicating horse races in Siena already taking place in the 6th century.' My father was addicted to betting the horses for as long as I knew him, almost 70 years! 

For family pictures and more links,see

Possible father of my paternal grandmother....

Aniello Gerardo Trasente born 1843
Aniello Gerardo Trasente may be the father of Rosina Trasente.

Possible great grandmother of Rosina Trasente, my paternal grandmother
Vincenza Domenica Aquino 1803-1868
Vincenza Domenica Aquino may be the mother of Carolina della Verde.

Possible grandmother of Rosina Trasente, my father's mother
Carolina della Verde born 1837
Carolina della Verde may be the mother of Maria Carmela Mauriello vs Martz.

Possible brother of my father's mother, Rosina Trasente
Antonio "Anthony" Trasente 1894-1941
Antonio "Anthony" Trasente may be the son of Maria Carmela Mauriello vs Martz.

Possible mother of my paternal grandmother, Rosina Trasente:
Maria Carmela Mauriello vs Martz born 1860
Maria Carmela Mauriello vs Martz may be the mother of Rosina Trasente.

Click the images to see a clear image: [Links in the images only work on]

Does laughter hold the key to human consciousness? | Aeon Essays

Does laughter hold the key to human consciousness? | Aeon Essays

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Listen to an audio of my ideas about the sense of humor, which are described below.

This is an edited transcript of my podcast, Free Thought, the sense of humor.

This is Graviton Ring. I call this podcast Free Thought, the sense of humor.

There were several sources on the web, which talked about the reasons behind the human sense of humor.

One key factor is the ability to suspend one's concept of reality temporarily. Amazingly, as many as half of the people hearing a joke cannot see the humor because they see the imaginary conditions in the joke as real.

Especially if there are some gory details in the joke. The sticklers for reality may actually be offended by the attempt to make them laugh.

My opinion about this phenomena of suspending or not suspending reality temporarily, in order to consider something as humorous or fictional, is that humans in Western Culture are often polarized into right or left brain thinking. In addition, Western Culture seems to favor either or thinking in any circumstance.

Some documentaries displayed the right brain state, which was confirmed by brain scans, as one in which the person experiencing right brain thinking often rejected any changes in the testing situation. This seems unusual to me because right brain thinking is often associated with artistic abilities such as music and art. However jazz music and abstract art were often criticized during their introduction into the mainstream.

Left brain thinking is often associated with science and logic. Recently, in my experience while communicating with members of the scientific community, I have often encountered a similar disparity. Some scientists who refuse to think about new theories or changes in accepted theories seem to be expressing the same right brain need to resist changes.

Perhaps we spend part of our time in right brain thinking, such as during a brainstorming session, to think about new ideas and then use logic and science to refine the results of the brainstorming. Whatever happens in general with our thought processes we also seem to have considerable control over our free thoughts.

Even though there are many similarities, such as predictable dumb creatures in pulp science fiction, there are always new ideas that fascinate fans. In particular, for me, the real science of understanding how many different ways there might be for sentient creatures to gather intelligence, many of which were portrayed on The Science Channel, is enlightening and may even provide clues to the past or future developments by nature or nurture in human ways of thinking.

We all drink from the same fountain of wisdom. I'm Graviton Ring.

Laughing exercise: If you love to laugh you’ll love this how to guide!

Neurotheology: This Is Your Brain On Religion : NPR

Neurotheology: This Is Your Brain On Religion : NPR '...I think we have to be careful about concluding too fast one way or the other, either for the pro-religious or for the anti-religious, what the nature of these experiences are and how they affect us and what the true nature of the reality is...'  Dr. ANDREW NEWBERG Author, Principles of Neurotheology

A Native American woman guided me in this ritual. It was done because my home area was in seven straight days of severe drought with dangerous ozone levels in the air. This event happened on Saturday, June 12, 1999 at dawn. I went outside and saw that the entire sky had a thick cloud cover that was pink and blue all over, like a baby's blanket. My daughter's baby boy, Dakota, had died at birth, three months before this event. There was only one star visible high in the sky; I walked into the front lawn to put that star directly over my head. This required me to walk on the grass about six feet from the front of our house and about three feet from the center of the house while facing the house; I was facing toward the West Power which is of Rain and Life; I looked up and smelled a fresh flow, as if the water from the earth were going back up into the sky; then I bent backwards, while standing, to search the whole sky to see if there were any other stars; there were none visible except one, very bright star, which appeared to be hiding itself behind a tree; I offered a gift which I believe has great spiritual power and is actually named Gentle Rain. I believe that the star above me was my grandson, Dakota, and that the star behind the tree was his sister, Mizuko, who had died several months before in a miscarriage.

Listen to an audio of the Transcript below, After Death Communication.

Transcript After Death Communication.
There have been several after death events in my life. The first one I can recall was about age 7 in 1945 a few years after my uncle was killed in the US Army as described in another blog post. The other events happened much more closely to the actual date of the death of a friend or family member and were just brief encounters such as a smell or an unexpected encounter with a bird. The first event that clearly changed my life is described below. The editor described below is Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. This article first appeared on his website, T.A.S.T.E., The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences.

Anthony Chipoletti (real name) graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 with a BS degree that included training in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. He was employed for a time in Pittsburgh in 1968 as a medical research technician in hematology and hemophilia research with Jessica Lewis, who discovered Factor VIII. Financial and family needs kept him from further graduate education and he was employed as a researcher in the media industry. 

Beyond the Light, by Anthony Chipoletti.
Early in 1995, about one year before my mother's death, December 14, 1995, I saw a copy of the book Beyond the Light, written by P. M. H. Atwater. I seemed to have many of the personal attributes of the people she described as near death survivors. I could not clearly recall any NDE event except for a brief childhood episode after tonsil surgery under ether;
I wrote to her, and she sent seminar details;

I also realized that the medical community and other folks around Pittsburgh PA were interested or involved in NDE research. For example, one of the local hospitals was cooling bodies of patients, and repairing their blood vessels near the brain stem. Patients who survived lost all awareness of who they were, and any other personal identity, including other skills such as reading and writing.

Dr. Atwater's research seemed to me to include reputable sources in the scientific and medical communities.

In May of 1996, six months after my mother's death on December 14, 1995, and very near my mother's birthday on May 9, I was preparing for a visit to the city of Pittsburgh by P. M. H. Atwater.

Atwater had given me three names and phone numbers to call for background information on her near death research, which she was scheduled to speak about in June 1996 at my invitation.

My first call was to a gentleman who hosted near death seminars in his home for many years. He was a dedicated skeptic and did not believe the experience was real.

The second person was the mother of a young son. She and her son experienced an unusual event, and had been featured on a television show. However, she felt that people would inflate their experiences to get attention, as she did.

The third call lasted about thirty minutes. I do not recall any of the conversation. The woman had experienced a profound near death event, however, she sought no publicity and received none.

As soon as I hung up the phone after the third call, my room, which is about nine feet high and twelve feet square, lit up with a wonderful, pale light. I had risen from my chair, just after the call, and immediately sat back down. The light lasted about twenty minutes, then went away.
About one year after my Light experience, I asked P. M. H. Atwater if she had informed her friend about it. She stated that the Light experience had happened to many others after speaking with her friend, so she had not mentioned mine!
Contributor's Comments on the Experience:

Editor: Were there any psychological effects of the light?

My psychological interpretation of the light was that it consisted of, or included, the spiritual presence of my mother, who had died about six months before the light appeared;

Editor: As described, it just sounds like a curiosity. Perhaps that's all it was, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but perhaps there were other effects?

There were no other effects;

Editor: And did the light seem to have a source, interact with whatever illumination was already in the room (what was that?), be sourceless, or what?

The light did not seem to me to have a physical source, nor interact with any physical aspect; The room was lit with a bare 100 watt bulb in a mid ceiling fixture; The home is probably built around 1930 or 1940 and has been renovated.

The light fixture is not modern and dates probably from the 1950s or even the original building; it has no adjustments nor shades, simply 120 volts and a ceramic bulb receptor;
When we moved into the home, around 1990, I cleaned the dust from the ceiling fixture and reconnected the house wires to the electrical connections at the base of the fixture, which is metal.

This Beyond the Light article was first published on T.A.S.T.E., The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences.

The website of the third person, Nancy Clark

Stone Spirit, Killed in Action

Stone Spirit

by Anthony Chipoletti

Parts of me have turned to stone,

and my only joy is being alone.

Other parts dissolve from me

into the next reality.

Only my spirit truely lives,

where other spirits always give

wholesomeness to who I am.

I was born in December, 1938. Some where, some time, during the miasma of memory-less experiences in my World War Two childhood, I became convinced, and still am convinced, that my Uncle Neal has always bonded with me in his gentle, loving spirit.
I have a dear friend who has had many out of body experiences. I tried to assure her that my own memories, which are only clear to me some time about my age of seven, 1945, have never included any OBEs because I have never felt myself to be in a body.
For whatever reason, I can only remember imagining myself as an intangible awareness which observes my body and all physicality from outside of ALL physicality. I am NOT saying that any physicality is NOT real, nor that I do not accept my physicality.
Rather, I am saying that any aspect of physicality needs to be interpreted, like a foreign language, so that I can feel that my own unique spiritual point of view creates the meaning of my life, not a passive acceptance of my egotistical, angry body.

nothing begins, nothing ends these are concepts of meaning meaning cannot begin nor end all tangibility always exists observation of stone by stone sees the shape of hard things which is more true, me or you

Killed in Action (KIA).

B-17G 42-97578 stalled after take off for a flight to Deenethorpe and crashed into a barracks on 24 Mar 1944.

Tragedy In Yelden In 1944

The Yelden crash is extensively documented within Bill Donald's book JOHN BURN ONE-ZERO-FIVE

This ship was a radar equipped PFF (Pathfinder) and was designated to be flown by another crew of the 401st BG as lead ship in the mission to Schweinfurt. Pilot Sellers and his crew were to fly the plane from their base at Chelveston, across to the 401st BG at Deenethorpe during the early morning hours of the 24th. The ship would then have been flown by an experienced PFF crew on the mission to Schweinfurt.

However the B17 crashed on take off near the village of Yeldon England, she was fully loaded with both fuel and bombs ready for the next days mission. 21 people were killed including the crew of 11, 8 servicemen of the 1121 Quartermaster company barracked in the village and two civilian children perished in the incident, Edwin Keith and Monica Ruth Phillips. killed in their families bungalow.

Find a Grave Memorial

Find a Grave site

American Air Museum

1121st Quartermaster Company,

American Air Museum Memorial

Sargeant Nils S. Johnson
Find his grave here.

Sargeant Edward W. Dell
Find his grave here.

Corporal Sebastion J. Attilio
Find his grave here.

Corporal Robert Paul McClain
Find his grave here.

Private First Class Michael R. Arato
Find his grave here.

Private First Class Arnold Neal Chipoletti
Find his grave here.

Private First Class William Loren Dickerson
Find his grave here.

Private First Class Frank J. Amato
Find his grave here.

Weido, Nunzio [in Marine uniform], Sylvio, Rosina, Frank [my father], Antonio, Neal [top row], Millie, Bea, Betty Jane [in front], Yolanda, her son Don Bertino, and me [about to pee my pants :) ] at 410 17th Street Arnold PA 15068 Rosina Trasente and Antonio Chipoletti

Navigation, and goal.

In the mid-1990s, I met P. M. H. Atwater who's a near-death researcher.
P. M. H. Atwater.

She said that near-death experiences are not necessary to change all of the things which happen in the most profound near-death experience can happen in everyday life. All you have to do is realize you have this set of continuums.

I use an example, there are an infinite set of continuums, you can define yourself as a total free thinker, you can define yourself on any continuum, you can define yourself as an infinite mind with absolute intangibility, or you can go along this whole continuum to you are a physical body with no intangible stuff.

So there's always that continuum, but that is not the only continuum. There are a billion other ways to think of yourself as something, star stuff as Carl Sagan used to say we are made out of star stuff.

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Feedburner page with all the posts and links in this blog.

This site is written by myself, Anthony Chipoletti.
My Facebook profile.

My pen name is Graviton Ring from my book title.

This site is written by myself, Anthony Chipoletti. Almost every link on this site goes to free web articles or web pages that add information to my topics. I hope the topics will be of some help.

I have added many new references to the blog posts here, and I update this site when possible.

The goal of this site is to express my belief that I am an intangible observer of everything physical, including myself. As an observer, I never become the observed. I create my physical existence by observing it.

Listen to my audio The simplicity of spiritual life.

This is an edited transcript of The simplicity of spiritual life:

This is Graviton Ring. I call this podcast: Freethought, The simplicity of life.

The spirit, in my opinion, is very simple. Are you aware of yourself and of others? That awareness is your spirit. It had no beginning. It has no ending. No one gave it to you. No one can take it away. It has always existed exactly as it does now and it always will exist exactly as it is now. It never goes anywhere. There is no place to go.

The spirit of awareness simply is the way any sentient being observes reality. The spirit is not physical in any way. It observes the physical reality. The physical reality is completely different from the spirit. However, the spirit and the physical reality cannot exist without each other.

The human body or any aspect of the physical reality obviously appears and disappears while changing constantly. The spirit simply observes these changes. There are infinite sets of changes in the physical reality. There are also infinite sets of new observations in the spiritual reality.

The only thing required for the spirit to do is to pay attention to reality.

If there is any need for a moral structure in religion or society, then the laws of such a structure are always about the physical reality. How could any laws tell anyone how to think or how to see reality? The spirit of awareness does not need any laws. It does not do anything except see the physical reality. The human body needs laws and moral values. Maybe a structured society when there is a large number of humans alive.

However, that was not always the case. Life was meant to be simple. The simplicity of life is that we consist of a spirit of awareness. The physical reality seems to be a part of who we are. However, the spirit, in my opinion, is the actual way we are.

The physical reality, including the human body, appears and disappears and evolves over billions of years. The spirit simply continues to do what it does now, it observes these changes. There are no spiritual laws. Laws are about humanity and physical reality. Spirit is simply intangible, infinite, eternal awareness.

I guess I was thinking only about restrictions against spiritual experiences? Obviously, there are aspects of spirituality that can be described as laws which help to define the subject.

Spiritual Laws

There are additional references in the text portion of this site. They may or may not agree with me.

This is Graviton Ring. We all drink from the same fountain of wisdom.

Reference: QUOTE: '.time and space are tools of the mind.' Does Time Really Exist?
Quote is from the article on the website:
Biocentrism theory of Dr. Robert Lanza.

Exploring Biocentrism with Bob Berman.
Inquire Within Podcast By Darren Main.

My own opinion about our freedom to choose is that we have the ability to define ourselves as an observer. Everyone has the freedom to define their own awareness from their own point of view. There might be billions of different ways to observe reality. Just as there are a billion different stars. There are also billions of ways to define what we observe. There are obviously billions of objects which can be observed.

The question for science to answer now seems to be exactly how are any physical objects created. Or perhaps, whether what is observed is actually physical or simply perceived to be physical. Identifying awareness as solely a physical object might limit our freedom to choose.

My opinions are often based on ideas such as the ones at this site: The Philosophy of Objectivism One of the ideas there that I particularly like is that it is undeniable that we exist, have an identity, and are aware of reality. Also that these three axioms are indeed undeniable, however, they are not self-evident. Rather that nothing is self-evident because everything must be tested by reality.

I added many Reference web links in the transcript of the interview with Sue Grandys and added my comments to clarify what I was thinking at the time.

Most of what is here is simply my own opinion, which can change from time to time. I think it is wise to believe in one's own experiences, and whatever science can prove. Please forgive me if any of my opinions seem to be unreasonable. Everyone should be free to express their opinions, and have the right to change them when they choose. Enjoy! - Anthony Chipoletti

The illusion of time

Real-time versus earth time:

What Is a Light-Year?
By Tim Childers, Science and Astronomy.
QUOTE A light-year is a measurement of distance and not time (as the name might suggest). A light-year is the distance a beam of light travels in a single Earth year, or 6 trillion miles (9.7 trillion kilometers). UNQUOTE

Does Light Experience Time? And Other Riddles. By Paul Sutter.

Listen to my audio illusion of time and summary of time.

This is an edited transcript of my audio.

My real life experience showing me my brain needed weeks to construct the present moment. Inside the brain the so-called future may actually be the past. The brain needs a long time to construct the present moment. The event below happened to me in the mid 1990s which was about 50 years after I had a near death experience at age seven.

The event appeared in my drawing about 30 days before the actual event, as if my drawing was a black and white [mirror image] photograph of the actual event which happened a month after I drew it ?? I was working through PMH Atwater's book FUTURE MEMORY. You can find the book with a web search. James van Avery has an experiment which PMH Atwater thoroughly outlines in the book.
Here is a very detailed description of the James van Avery experiment. From the spirit team.

Downloadable pdf of the spirit team page:
I disagree that the exercise sees the future. It is the brain's future, however, it is the past in real-time.

Here is another description of the James van Avery experiment.

I believe that these results indicate something that is just now being studied. That the macro world may be subject to quantum characteristics like waveform collapse, and a return to a particle state. I have reviewed thousands of near death events in the past 25 years. My opinion is that these experiences happen at the speed of light or faster, the waveform, or what I call real-time. And that our human experience is the particle state. The difference is scientific, not life or death, not some imaginary person saying go back to earth :)

I worked through the experiment VERY SLOWLY over several days. I let everything marinate in my mind. The outcome of the lesson was a picture which I drew in pencil on a piece of typewriter paper. I set it aside for several weeks. There was an internet workshop at Verizon Corporate offices in Pittsburgh PA which I attended about a month later. When I arrived at the Verizon office building there were about 20 people already seated in the presentation room. As soon as I sat down, I got chills and goosebumps!

This room was in the pencil drawing which I had drawn last month. I dismissed the idea of seeing the future because something directly in front of me in my drawing was MISSING. Then a few seconds before the demonstration began two young women arrived LATE to the lecture. They quickly grabbed two chairs for themselves, AND PLACED THE CHAIRS EXACTLY WHERE THE CHAIRS AND THE WOMEN WERE DRAWN DURING MY EXPERIMENT.

Years later I realized I was actually seeing the past. My brain was very slow at constructing the moment of the lecture. It cannot catch up to the speed of infinite awareness EVER. It just sees a movie filmed a LONG TIME AGO. I did actually experience the lecture exactly as it happened except my brain needed all of the so-called future to get the movie of the lecture ready to be seen.

I USUALLY DISAGREE WITH almost any interpretation of events like this experience. My motto is LET'S AGREE TO DISAGREE. One IMPORTANT DETAIL, my drawing was a MIRROR IMAGE of the actual scene. I had to flip the paper over and view it from the back to align the actual scene as it appeared to me during the lecture.

During my experiment and the actual event, the earth traveled 50 million miles in 30 earth days, however light took only 4 or 5 seconds to travel 50 million miles, what did my brain do in those 50 million miles ??

My brain was experiencing 30 days of earth time while the actual event happened in only a few seconds from the time I drew the mirror image of the event and the actual experience of the event...

Writer's note: This episode answered for me, why I had nightmares about President Kennedy being killed in Dallas for about a month before he was actually assassinated while I was working in the Pentagon.Free Thought, a brief summary of time.

1:38:37 Karen Barad: ‘…I wouldn’t say that we’re simultaneously both wave and particle but we might have different experiences that are being of being wave and of being particle and I think one of the interesting things going back to the question of grammar about you know the question of simultaneity because we’re used to talking about you know something like even if it seems far-fetched being here and there simultaneously the troubling of time here is such that I barely know how to say this to speak it because it’s not the different times are happening simultaneously in a sense it’s as if in the hereness of here there’s yesterday today and tomorrow so it’s coexistence that I don’t even think we have a kind of term for for because it’s so strange to us to think of moments that are bleeding through one another but not in terms of our own lives in terms of our own phenomenological experience like I was saying in the beginning of my lecture I’m here now in you know standing or and even sitting before you as the kid that I was in 1984 when I took a job at Barnard as well as being you know this older person with totally gray hair sitting before you and many other and many other things these moments bleed bleed through one another in ways that I think that we’re much more used to but what I’m saying that those features of time are not merely subjective experiences that’s the way the world is experiencing itself -…’
About the interviewee: Dr. Bruce Greyson is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. He discusses with Mark why near-death experiences are likely not hallucinations caused by a dying brain and many related topics. As Dr. Greyson says: "We're left with this paradox that at a time when the brain isn't functioning, the mind is functioning better than ever."
03:08 but what is really happening they're not marching in step with time they're marching in step with each other that's the key thing and Newton's laws of motion you can rewrite them so that there's no invisible river of time flowing away like that all that they really establish is how the reading on my watch is related to the reading on your watch and as long as that those march in step that's fine that's all we need that is really what timekeeping is about and what time is for practical purposes

‘…But for all our efforts, the concept of time, including whether it’s little more than an illusion of human psychology, remains deeply puzzling…’

This is Graviton Ring. I call this podcast: Free Thought, a brief summary of time.

I consider myself to be an absolutely free thinker. I believe there is nothing preconceived nor dogmatic anywhere at all in the infinite universe. The physical reality is bound by a type of dogma, however I define that dogma as chaos within the irreversibility of time.

Ilya Prigogine, (1917-2003) QUOTE: Ilya Prigogine was a Belgian physical chemist who won the Nobel prize for investigating the irreversibility of processes in complex physical systems that are far from equilibrium conditions...Prigogine introduced what he called a "third time" into physics - time as irreversibility. He saw non-equilibrium, dissipative systems far from equilibrium, as a new source of order giving to the system ill-defined "new space-time properties." ("The Meaning of Entropy," in Evolutionary Epistemology, p.63)..UNQUOTE.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Chaos. My comments: The questions about chaos theory often start with the ridiculous assumption that a butterfly can cause a tornado. My opinion of why certain people deny chaos is that they want to believe that their own ability to predict outcomes in the physical reality is at least remotely possible, such as a financial advisor whose income depends on some aspect of predictability. Another much more credible source are quantum physicists who are actually able to predict outcomes in the quantum world, so they have proof that chaos can be refuted. This debate will never end so let me say what I mean by chaos. The true reality never pauses nor repeats itself. For example, I believe that an infinite multiverse exists even in the physical reality. However, physical observations on a human level can only happen by looking at past events. The physical reality is a record of the past which repeats itself by definition. In an infinite, intangible, eternal awareness, nothing repeats nor pauses ever.

Any dogma in the physical cosmos is a record of the past. I believe there are no real-time events in the physical cosmos, only a history of past events. Real-time events happen in every instant, an entire infinite set of new experiences without pausing nor  repeating.

An intangible observer, by my definition, cannot ever be observed.

The physical cosmos may have existed forever, in what cosmologists now call the eternal universe. It seems that the observers must have existed forever as well. Eternal inflation and self-reproduction of the universe is a phrase that I learned from Andre Linde, a well-known and respected cosmologist.

This brings me to my new motto: Let's all agree to disagree. In other words, every observer has the ability to think freely from their own point of view about anything and everything.

From my point of view, we can improve the physical reality, however, we cannot make it perfect. There is perfection in the real-time events because they happen without repeating themselves. Improving the physical reality is possible only by correcting our misconceptions about real-time events.

We all drink from the same fountain of wisdom. I am Graviton Ring.